Phoenix Bentrider Winner!

January 2019

    Over the holidays we had a special visitor:  Robert Holler, from Rose City Recumbent Cycles in Portland, OR. You never know when a snow storm might sweep through Kansas in the winter months! Robert found this out as well as Jonathan and Alanna from Rose City! Jonathan and Alanna did not make it due to the weather, but Robert weathered the storm in Denver, CO and was able to arrive in Montezuma a day later than planned. When it was time to leave for home, a mechanical issue on the airplane that was supposed to take him to Denver delayed his departure.  Between that and the total lack of any available seats for returning on January 1, he stayed an extra 36 hours here! While Robert was here at RANS, we visited of course about bikes, experiences about bike rides and much more! Jerrell and Dylan showed him around the factory. He was able to see first hand how we build bikes – in particular the Phoenix.  He had seen quite a few images and several short video clips regarding the Phoenix build, but seeing it in person provided a whole ‘nuther perspective.


    One exciting event that happened January 1.  The RANS Phoenix was voted Recumbent of the Year 2018 on Bentrideronline! Thank-you to everyone who submitted a vote towards the Phoenix! This two wheeled recumbent is a super smooth riding bike! It handles very well for it’s long wheel base length. A couple of the reasons why it handles so well are the seat-height-to-crank ratio and the new front fork geometry. The seat to crank position allows for more efficient transfer of power to the ground and the fork geometry provides for greater maneuverability and control as well as exceptional ease with straight-line riding, even in a Kansas cross-wind. The Energy bars coupled with the Krieg handlebar provides more solid steering and control. The rider can dial in the handlebar set-up so as to clear the knees and receive the correct arm reach adjustments. The handlebars are not an issue for visibility. They remain well below the line of vision.


    When ole man winter opens the door here in Kansas, I have to find a different place to exercise than the great outdoors. My friends and I set up our bicycle trainers at RANS in the assembly room. This is not as nice as riding bike outdoors, but is much better than not exercising at all, especially after the holiday treats I tend to inhale!! The trainers that are being used are made by Cycle Ops. They work well for us! Once the winter is over, we can pick them up and store them until next winter! The bikes being used are the crank forward Cruz, Dynamik, and a Fusion.

Kara Nichols